Terms & Conditions



These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) below set out the rules for all lottery draws (“MoneyBOX”) or (“Lottery”) which are promoted and managed by Kareco Holdings Limited (“KHL”) trading as MoneyBOX Lottery listed on its website www.moneybox.co.ke.

Player’s any person holding an account with MonerBOX.

Licensing and Governing Laws

MoneyBOX Lottery is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) established under the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act Cap 141 Laws of Kenya, Under license Number 1222.

These T&C are governed by and construed in accordance with Kenyan law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kenyan courts.

Terms Subject to Change

KHL reserves the right to amend T&Cs, including any game rules, at any time and without notice. All changes are effective upon posting. Your continued use of an account or this service after changes are posted constitutes of the below;- * Acceptance of any changes to these terms, including game rules. It is your responsibility to periodically review these terms, including the rules of any game you purchase, for changes. * KHL may use its database of Players that have registered online to notify all those Players.

Acceptance of Terms

By registering for an account or updating your account, and using an account or this service, you hereby accept and agree to be legally bound by all of these terms. If you do not accept and agree to be bound by any of these terms, you should not register for, update, or use an account and are not authorized to use this service.

Violation of Terms

Kareco Holdings may take any lawful action we deem appropriate in response to an actual or suspected violation of these terms. This includes, but is not limited to: * Suspending or disabling access to your account * Blocking access to this website or service; withholding your withdrawal of any funds pending completion of an investigation * Invalidating a purchase; refusing to award a prize or reclaiming a prize that has been awarded * Reporting and providing information about your actions to any third party is required, including law enforcement * Cooperating in any investigation; and initiating or participating in any civil or criminal action.

By violating these terms, you waive and forfeit any claim to a prize or any portion of a prize.


General Requirements:

To participate in the MoneyBOX lottery, you must: * be at least 18 years of age; * have successfully completed the process registering your Player account.

The use of artificial intelligence or "bots" on or in connection with MoneyBOX LOTTERY Service is strictly forbidden. Likewise, any application that uses any or all of the data contained on MoneyBOX Lottery Centre Service for purposes (including but not limited to commercial purposes, via methods including but not limited to screen scraping) other than participating in The MoneyBOX Lottery is prohibited. MoneyBOX will take measures to prevent and detect the use of programs that are designed to enable artificial intelligence (i.e., non-humans) to utilise or benefit from the data contained on the Website. Any attempted or actual use of artificial intelligence by the Customer will prompt the suspension or termination of their Account.

Transaction History

MoneyBOX records and stores any transactions you conduct through this service. A transaction history is also available for you to view through your account. This history is provided as a convenience only.

System Errors

You agrees to indemnify MoneyBOX, in the event that there is a system error and a ticket is drawn more than once the draw is automatically invalided.

Balance Errors

In the event that any funds are mistakenly credited to or deducted from your account, we are entitled to make the appropriate adjustments. Any incorrect balance errors are subjected to the following:- * incorrectly deducted funds: - Player should notify the customer care as using details COMPLAINTS @ call or email or social. * Any funds credited to player’s account in error or in any fraudulent, as defined by KHL, means cannot be used to place an order. The operator reserves the right to void any transaction involving such funds.
* For the avoidance of doubt, when the player’s has a credit balance and further sums are erroneously added to this balance, the player’s is permitted to transact up to the level of funds available in their account excluding the erroneously added funds. * Withdraw of funds:- any funds incorrectly credited to your account, MoneyBOX may withhold that amount from any deposit or prize winnings, or seek recovery. If you use any funds incorrectly credited to your account to purchase a lottery ticket, MoneyBOX may deem the purchase void and refuse to pay any prize or recover any prize already paid.

You agree to indemnify MoneyBOX for any erroneously credited funds that you have withdrawn. Any decision in respect of any other matter or dispute arising from any disputed credit or debit shall be final and binding upon all player’s and any other person or persons having any interest in the matter or dispute. Please be aware that we will not consider any such error request unless you include full details of the disputed transaction, including the relevant dates, payment details, and a short explanation as to why the amount is disputed. If we, in our sole discretion, find that an amount has been wrongfully charged we will, as your sole remedy, refund you that amount.

No Interest on Funds

You will not receive any interest of any kind on funds deposited or held in your account, including any prize winnings.

Inactive Accounts

If you do not log in to your account for six (6) consecutive months, the account is designated as inactive.

Self-Exclude or Opt Out

Any Player may opt at any time by sending an SMS STOP to 29511, and will be excluded from promotional materials and participating in the MoneyBOX Lottery.

Privacy, Security and Ownership of Information Submitted

All the information provided by the players via shortcode 29511, web link (www.moneybox.co.ke) or its affiliates are exclusively owned by KHL and are stored, managed and used in accordance with current company’s data protection and privacy policies.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights generated as a result of the operation of the Lottery shall be the property of KHL and players agree to take all steps (at KHL cost) to vest in KHL any intellectual property which the player creates in the course of entering the Lottery. All intellectual property appearing on this website, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade dress. We own the rights to all content appearing on this website, which includes, but is not limited to, images, pictures, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text, games, game mechanics, play methods, code, software, format, presentation, and organization.


MoneyBOX may use your account information to contact you by email, text message from only (29511), and/or telephone regarding use of your account and transactions. You may also receive promotional sms, material and newsletters from MoneyBOX from time to time. By signing up and playing MoneyBOX, you automatically agree to receive these promotional messages.


Depositing to your Account

You may deposit funds by sending Money via M-Pesa using Paybill 295111 and Account Number as BOX and the amount will reflect in your account, the mobile Number used to deposit will be credited.

No withdrawal or transfer of Deposit

Funds you deposit into your account cannot be withdrawn, returned, charged-back, re-credited, or transferred to another account. It is your responsibility to refrain from depositing more than you will use. You agree that you will not attempt to deny, reverse, charge-back, re-credit, block or otherwise attempt to invalidate, recover, or deny us receipt of a deposit. You hereby authorize us to hold and collect any amount owed to us as a result of any such fees or penalties from your deposits or winnings.


Ticket Prizes

A Ticket shall be eligible to play in one draw. Each ticket costs KSH10/- Only.

When the Draw is done

After the draw the bounce back message will contain the details of the ticket i.e. Winning or Lost.

Winner Information

If you win a prize, you understand and agree that we may use your name, city, prize amount, and any photograph, video or audio recording, in any medium, for promotional, advertising, and/or publicity purposes. You understand and agree that we may freely use, reproduce, and display this information, in whole or in part, alone or together with other information, through any and all forms of media, in any manner, anywhere, in perpetuity, and without restriction, reservation, or limitation.

Prize Winnings Withdrawals Only

Winner accounts will be automatically credited to their respective accounts. To withdraw winnings from your account a maximum of KES.70,000 will be allowed all other monies will be payable to the winner via cheque or wire transfer to the winner’s account. All withdrawal charges are pushed to the winner.

Withdrawal Methods

Maximum withdrawable amount per day is Kshs. 70,000. Send W#Amount to 29511 (eg. W#50 to withdraw KSH50)

Playing the MoneyBOX Lottery

Opting in the game:-

Send WIN to 29511

A message will be sent to you that looks like:-

Karibu MONEYBOX. Top up Kshs. 20 or more to Mpesa Paybill 295111 Account: WIN ——- Chagua your MONEYBOX Number and WIN INSTANTLY! If you had staked Ksh 10, this is how your LUCKY BOXES would be: 1. Box 1 : Ksh 2. Box 2 : Ksh 88 3. Box 3 : Ksh 30 4. Box 4 : Ksh 42 5. Box 5 : Ksh 3,802 6. Box 6 : Ksh 0 ——— For more info, call 0709183066 or sms HELP to 29511

Check Balance

Send BALANCE to 29511

Kindly top up, you have low balance to stake ksh 10. - Mpesa Paybill: 295111 Account: WIN Your balance: Ksh.0.00 - This is how your LUCKY boxes would have been: 1. Box 1 : Ksh 0 2. Box 2 : Ksh 35 3. Box 3 : Ksh 50 4. Box 4 : Ksh 30 5. Box 5 : Ksh 0 6. Box 6 : Ksh 41,544 SMS box number to 29511 eg: 5 to 29511

How to top up via MPESA

  1. Select M-PESA.
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
  3. Select Pay Bill Option.
  4. Enter 295111(Business Number).
  5. Enter BOX as the Account Number
  6. Enter Amount 50 (KSh, minimum KSH10).
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and confirm payment.

Shortly after confirmation of the transfer, you will receive a confirmation message from 29511 with the below structure.

How to play via SMS 1. There are 6 boxes that a player can choose from. Boxes 1 - 6. 2. Each box has a hidden value which will be revealed after the draw is conducted by the system. 3. To play via money box using sms the player is required to reply using the box number. E.g. SMS 5 to 29511.

Cost per ticket

It costs a minimum of KSH10 for one MoneyBOX Lottery ticket. The Payments are done via M-Pesa Paybill 295111 Account BOX.


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In case of a complaint to express any dissatisfaction with any aspect of MoneyBOX, Players should:

Email Support:

Email the Contact Centre on support@moneybox.co.ke

Telephone Helpline

Call on 0709183011. Calls to Helpline will be charged in accordance with charges levied by telecommunication service providers.

Social Media

Facebook: @moneybox
Twitter: @moneyboxke